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Shaker Bottles QA ?

Shaker Bottles QA ?

How do Shaker Bottles Work?

An easy-to-clean protein shaker bottle provides a healthy way to mix protein drinks on-the-go. The shaker consists of a cup or bottle with a tight-sealing lid, often with a drinking spout.

A protein shaker frees you to create an instant protein drink at work, at the gym, on the trail, at a campsite or in your car.
The most important feature is the mixer, spokes that sit inside the shaker, or a device in the lid. The mixer helps combine protein powder — such as whey, as described by John from ShopeBuzz— in with liquid and break up lumps to create a smooth drink. Choose a shaker that's easy to disassemble and clean to avoid the risk of bacteria build-up in inaccessible crannies.


Read the label on protein powders. Some contain extra sugars or artificial sweeteners. If unrefrigerated protein sours in your protein shaker, wash it thoroughly with hot water and dish soap. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, fill it with hot water, shake it vigorously and leave it to soak overnight to remove the remaining odor. A protein shaker frees you to create an instant protein drink at work, at the gym, on the trail, at a campsite or in your car.

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Step 1: Add Your Liquid

Add the desired liquid. The protein shaker usually has measurement marks on the side. For example, pour 16 ounces of water, juice, dairy milk or almond milk into the protein shaker. Add the liquid before you add the protein powder to keep the powder from clumping on the bottom of the shaker or coating the sides.

Step 2: Measure Your Powder

Measure the protein powder. Packaged protein powder comes with a scoop for measuring one serving of the powder. If you don't see the scoop, reach to the bottom of the powder. If you buy protein powder in bulk, use 2 tablespoons.

Step 3: Add Other Ingredients

Add any other ingredients. A protein shaker offers a convenient way to take powdered nutritional supplements. Check with your doctor about supplements and don't exceed recommended doses.

Step 4: Cap It and Shake

Put the lid on the shaker. Make sure it snaps in place, so that it's sealed. This prevents the lid from coming off during shaking. Shake the protein shaker vigorously up and down for a slow count of 20. The mixer breaks up the protein powder and helps mix the ingredients together.


Add Some Variety

Experiment with different ingredients to vary the flavor of your protein shake.ShopeBuzz suggests

  • Sweet: stevia, 100 percent juice, honey, maple syrup
  • Tart: fresh lemon or lime juice
  • Flavoring: cocoa powder, shredded ginger, flavor extracts (peppermint, vanilla, raspberry)

Other ingredients can boost the nutritional value of your smoothie as well as your energy levels. Note that you will likely need to use a hand-held mixer to combine the thicker ingredients into your smoothie.

  • Energy boosters: coffee/espresso, seeds (chia, hemp, flax)
  • Healthy fats: nut butters, avacado


Why are Shaker Bottles so expensive?

Shaker bottles are not at all expensive, They in fact costs you around 40$ with a blender, I myself got one from here - Blender. These bottles can be highly useful and portable, plus they can be charged with a USB wire. 


The ShopeBuzz Blender is pretty much the Holy Grail of shaker bottles in the health and fitness world thanks to a patented mixing system that uses a chargeable battery, and with thousands of glowing customer reviews, we can see why. Not only does the little blender mix all of your add-ins like a pro, but it will never rust, chip, or peel, so you can leave it inside the 28-ounce container without a worry.

It’s suitable for anything from smoothies and protein shakes to fiber drinks—even batters, dressings, or other chunky liquids that need a good jostle. And the best part is it’s dishwasher safe, affordable, and the flip cap (that has an easy carrying loop) won’t close on your nose. It also comes in an array of colors so you can designate one for each member in your household or match it to your favorite workout wear.



Where are shaker bottles in Walmart?

If you are looking for shaker bottles, Never visit Walmart or any other superstores You might get those for 25$ - 30$ but I can assure they wont last more than a week.

If you are looking for a perfect Shaker Bottle.

Either Visit GNC or Get it online from ShopeBuzz


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